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Hortyk Hydro

Hortyk Hydro

Connected Soil Moisture Sensor
Dispatched on
January 1, 2023
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Product Highlights

Monitors soil moisture from your plant's root.

Wirelessly transmits data to your Core module up to 20 metres away2.

Durable probes can be easily swapped for XL probes.

Up to 3 months of battery life from rechargeable battery¹.

Sealed housing provides weather resistance.

Designed by Josef T-D.

Assembled by Miqo in the UK.

In the Box

Hortyk Hydro module with standard probes.

Weather-resistance seal.

Quick start guide.

Technical Specifications


50% ABS, 50% Polycarbonate. Durable and impact resistant.

Pure-white gloss finish.

Hortyk-green silicone seal.


32-bit 80MHz processor.

2.4GHz Wireless antenna.

Up to 20m wireless range2.


Built-in lithium ion battery.

Up to 3 months rechargeable battery life¹.

80% battery health after 600 cycles⁷.

Size and Weight

Dimensions: 130mm*35mm*17mm

Box Dimensions: 140mm*42mm*25mm

Hydro Weight: 80g

Boxed Weight: 100g

2 years of Miqo warranty.

¹Based on pre-production testing on specific units in default settings. Actual battery life will vary based on temperature conditions. Battery life will degrade over time. ²Based on pre-production testing on specific units in default settings and line of sight. Actual signal range will vary based operating environment. ⁷Based on new battery in a temperature and humidity regulated environment. Charge cycles completed within 2 years. Actual lifetime health may vary depending on environmental conditions. ⁸ Size is measured to within 0.25mm. Weight is measure to within 1g.
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