Cryptocurrency that just works.

Fast and easy payments with Miqo Coin.
Simply insert, touch your fingerprint and pay. Most transactions are complete in 1 second*. Authorise every payment to follow your spending.
All your Miqo Coins stored securely in your pocket.
As confident as carrying cash, with the peace of mind that only you can access it.
Easier event ticketing.
Confirm your ticket in under 1 second*. Don't fiddle with a crumpled sheet of paper or waste time loading an app or finding an email on your phone.
Your house key now Bloq.
Install the Miqo Lock on your door to have a lock that is fast to use, but impossible to pick.
Faster loyalty in one place.
Spend at supported retailers and your loyalty history is saved straight to your Bloq. No paper to lose and no hassle of  apps or scanning barcodes.
Renting houses simpler than cake.
Reserve, turn up and enter. Miqo Rent is the fastest new way to rent a property for a night, or a year.
Pay for parking in three taps.
At registered locations, pay for your stay in just 3 taps on your Bloq. No need to find a meter, call a number or download an app.
Use Bloq as ID.
At registered vendors, use your Bloq to confirm your age and identity. Bloq can also be used as your driving license*.
*Based on transaction below £1000/5000 Miqos. Transaction time depends on available internet signal speed.
*Transaction time depends on available internet speed.
*Bloq accepted as identification or driving license dependant on juristiction. Please check local regulations.
Security and Privacy
Powered by blockchain.
Proofs of ownership for Coins, tickets, keys and more are backed by a blockchain network. This gives you tamper resilience and redundancy against cyber attacks.
Biometrically locked.
Authorise every transaction with something unique to you. Your fingerprint is stored on Bloq in a dedicated secure enclave, never transmitted to us. Data transmitted through Bloq is signed with a unique AES 256 encrypted key based on your biometrics.
Cash but digital.
We believe your business is only for you to know, so we never analyse* or sell your transaction history or personal information. You decide which details to disclose to third parties.
*We analyse data for the security of our users and to ensure we can provide the best reliable service. We do not analyse spending patterns, behaviours or interests with the aim of generating more revenue. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more.
30-day* battery.
Never worrying about running out of power. Any terminal will recharge Bloq at least enough to complete your transaction.
Machined metal body.
Available in four distinct finishes. Bloq feautures a sleek design that feels great in the hand and is super durable.
Gorilla® Glass back to front.
The metal body is sandwiched between two tempered, scratch and impact-resistant Gorilla® Glass panels.
Splash, safe*.
Bloq is sealed, so it won't mind a light splash from time to time. Bloq can also resist temperatures from -10°C to 60°C.
OLED Display.
High contrast and easy to read. Night or Day. Bloq features an intuitive touchscreen interface.
*Based on average usage of 5 minutes screen-on time per day. Actual results may vary. Battery capacity will decrease over time.
*Bloq casing water tight to reduce water ingress. Bloq is not waterproof and water damage is not covered under warranty.
Pre-Order Today
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Anodised, lightweight and matte.
12 Months Free
+ £2/mo
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Delivered February 1st
Stainless Steel
A glossy, smooth, scratch resistant Steel.
12 Months Free
+ £2/mo
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Delivered February 1st
Sterling Silver
Shiny, resilient and classy with white glass.
12 Months Free
+ £2/mo
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Delivered March 15th
18K Gold
Glossy, hand-finished luxury with white glass.
12 Months Free
+ £2/mo
Pre Order
Delivered March 15th